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Which gene are we using and how is it delivered to the right place?

In this text we refer to AdVEGF-D, this is an abbreviation for the longer title describing the gene to be used as therapy and the virus that is used to deliver it. The AdVEGF-D we refer to is described in full as recombinant adenoviral vector (Ad5 serotype) containing an expression cassette for the mature form of human VEGF-D (VEGF-DΔNΔC). The viral vector we use is E1 and E3 deleted, this deletion means the virus is rendered non-replicative. AdVEGF-D is administered by NOGA™ catheter injection into ischemic heart tissue from within the heart chamber. The adenovirus transfects cells and the mature form of the VEGF-D protein is subsequently expressed, inducing angiogenesis in the tissue.

The AdVEGF-D gene medicine solution is supplied frozen by Finvector Vision Therapies Oy, Finland, as single doses containing 1x1011 viral particles. The gene medicine solution is dispensed once it has been thawed from storage and diluted using sterile saline in accordance with the clinical trial protocol. At this point the correct quantities of fluid and virus are ready for the NOGA™ catheter injection.

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